Dominican Republic


Represents money.
There are many gestures people use in the Dominican Republic and some of them are used here in America as well.
Examples are:
·Point with a puckered lip instead of a finger
·If someone doesn’t understand something they wrinkle their nose
·Waving one’s pointer finger back and forth means “No”
· Rubbing one’s fingers and thumb together represents money
·Disapproval is signaled by pointing one’s lips and rolling their eyes
·Palm down with fingers together waving inward means “Come here”
·Someone says “Pssst” to get someone else’s attention
·Personal bubbles are limited,so they like to touch and crowding is normal
·Table manners are important, elbows on the table while eating is unacceptable
·Must wait to be seated and must wait for the signal to begin eating and guests must always be served first

*I think that American's would not do well in this country with all the touching that people do. We like our personal space, especially me.