Dominican Republic

Current Issues

Water supply, deforestation, and soil erosion are posing a great threat to the Dominican Republic. Every year nearly 20,000 hectares of land are being destroyed due to comercial building. Also, farmers are cutting down trees inorder to make the land arable. Soil erosing is going into the Caribbean Sea and causing damage to the coral reefs. Destroying the coral reefs means harming the species that live there. Some of those species are the types of fish that people along the coast eat.

More Current Issues

·         30% of population is unemployed
·         20% of the work force is underemployed
·         Water quality is poor
·         Many rural area people are moving to the city and causing more crime and there aren’t enough houses for everyone
·         Haitians are illegally crossing the DR’s border everyday to find work; which means that they are taking away jobs that the citizens of the DR could possibly have.

*I believe that the cities need to expand their limits to accompany more people and the boarder should have more guards to keep the Haitians from crossing it illegally.