Dominican Republic


Education is required up to eighth grade and it is free up to the high school level. There are many types of schools such as private, religious, or public. Three fourths of Dominican children start school but only one third actually finish. Many kids, especially girls or children in the campo, don’t finish their schooling because of work or transportation. Basic supplies like pencils and paper are normally supplied by either the teacher or the parents. Textbooks are limited so many schools do not have enough for each child. A child's first year of school is called Primary school. That is followed by a two year intermediate school, and then a four year secondary school. Most schools try to prepare all of the middle to upper class children for college more than the lower class because they have a better chance of getting into a university. Students who do carry on their education into the high school level are given standarized tests at the end of each year. This helps tell the teachers what they need to work on to get the students up to the university schooling level.  University schooling is available all throughout the country. Trade schools provide technical training. There are also many all English schools, which prepares the students for moving to America.

*I believe this country had an okay education system. Many low income children don’t make it into the upper levels of education because they have to work to help support their families. I think education should be mandatory or at least highly recommended until age 16.