Dominican Republic
Wealthy family's house.
Average house


·Rich people live in gated communities with pools, gardens, and tennis courts
· A few urban people may live in apartments or condos
·Most people live in their own houses where they only paint the front side and the floors are either dirt or cement
· Rural houses are made of trees and sticks and do not have running water

Classroom in the Intertaional School of Sosua
This is a private school with eight classroom clusters. The campus has a computer lab, library, fine arts studio, science lab, cafeteria, dance/dream space,  and multi-purpose building. Private schools usually look like this while public schools are not nearly as elaborate.

*I think that architecture in the Dominican is similar yet different compared to places in America because their weathy houses look similar to ours but our average homes do not have dirt floors.

Cathedral in the city of Higuey. Gallery&referid=