Dominican Republic


The Carnival.
There are many different holidays in the Dominican Republic but then there are also many we are familiar with.
List of holidays:
·New Year’s Day
·Día de los Reyes (Day of the Kings, 6 Jan.)
·Nuestra Señora de la Alta Gracia (Our Lady of High Gratitude, 21 Jan.)
·Independence Day (27 Feb.)
·Corpus Christi
 Semana Santa
The Carnival

Many religious holidays take place in the Dominican Republic. Dia de los Reyes is celebrated because it’s the day when the three wise men come and give gifts to baby Jesus. Nuestra Senora de la Alto Gracia is a religious holiday where people pray to Mary and ask for favors. During Semana Santa, the holy week before Easter, urban families go to the beach or mountains to pray. Religious holidays aren't the only holidays in the country, the government may set up special holidays if they complete a huge project. Also, the Carnival is another government holiday. It is celebrated because it represents the different colors/ethnic groups of the country. Different parts of the country celebrate it differenly depending on how they live.

*I think The Carnival is an amazing holiday because it celebrates different nationalities. We should do that here in America.